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Capital Directors Insurance is genuinely dedicated to true savings for owners.


Capital Directors Insurance Services offers a variety of customisable homeowners and elite auto insurance policies, for condominiums, traditional homes, farms, and ranches. As well as bespoke/customised auto insurance for your elite vehicles, regardless of the age of your Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, or Rolls-Royce.

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Capital Directors HomeOwners Insurance protects your home, and the treasures inside your home. And, you'll receive up to 60% of your annual premium payments if you don't have any claims during your coverage period. Most homeowners insurance policies are structured in favour of the insurance company, but Capital Directors HomeOwners Insurance is structured in favour of the Policy Holder.


Capital Directors Elite Auto Insurance protects your Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Rolls-Royce motorcars, regardless of their age. Just because you have exquisite taste in vehicles, doesn't mean that you should be penalised with high insurance rates. Capital Directors Elite Auto Insurance has very affordable rates that will protect your precious vehicle(s).

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BESPOKE INSURANCE COVERAGE, Experienced Advisors Committed to Your Goals. NO COMMISSIONS

Literally every client is different. Therefore their insurance needs will be different. Capital Directors Insurance Advisors have goals that are aligned with yours. Our representatives don't work based on commissions for selling you or upselling our clients anything. So they can truly pay attention to your specific insurance needs without financial motives interfering with their client relationships.

Our goals are to listen, and determine the insurance coverage that you need, and save you more money than any other insurance company will. When we accomplish that, you'll remain a loyal client for a long time. And you'll probably refer your friends and family members us. And the virtueous cycle of mutually beneficial relationships will continue.

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It’s Your Future: Choose an Insurance Firm That'S Truly On Your Side.

Most Insurance Firms are structured with the goal to receive the highest insurance premium payments they can competitively get away with, and to pay as few insurance claims as legally possible. Capital Directors Insurance was founded by men and women who didn't want to be gouged I order to enrich insurance companies whose financial interests were aligned against their clients.


With the typical insurance company, your vehicle values are assessed, and your neighbourhood, your age, and your credit rating are all taken into consideration to quantify the percentage of risk that accompanies insuring your home and/or vehicles. Then the desired amount of profit is added to the equation, and that's how the very large amount of your annual insurance payment/premium is arrived at. And, of course, you'll never see a single penny of those payments returned to you. Even though you never utilised the insurance. That's why insurance companies often have enormous amounts of cash reserves. They take in enormous amounts of money, and pay out a tiny fraction for insurance claims.

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Capital Directors Insurance is unique. We were founded on the principle that if a policy holder/client does not file a claim, then a large portion of his or her premiums (up to 60%) should be returned to the client. A portion of the clients premium covers administrative costs and a small profit margin (approximately 15%). The balance is then returned to the client at the end of the coverage term. For example; Let's say that your monthly premium for Capital Directors HomeOwners Insurance is $1800 per year, and you've had your policy for 10 years, with no claims or losses. At the end of your 10 year coverage term, you'd receive $108,000.00 back. A full 60% of your premium payments. With conventional homeowners insurance or conventional auto insurance, you'd receive $0.00 after 10 years of paying the insurance company.

capital directors SIGNATURE homeowners INSURANCE + ELITE AUTO insurance


Versatile, elevated homeowners insurance and elite auto insurance. We've designed our insurance coverages so that handling your insurance needs feels frictionless .We only insure Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Rolls-Royce motorcars. Specialising in those vehicle brands allows us to provide an exceptional level of service for owners of those elite motorcars, regardless of age.